We Test is working on a range of research and development products that are being supported by both Commonwealth and State Governments. Along with our commercial partners, we are helping bring to life innovations in the healthcare industry.

 Using technology and sustainability as our main drivers, We Test is pushing for products that will change the world. As uncomfortable as change is, it’s a vital part of how you move to a new era of product innovation.

 Bioplastic polymer compounds are of particular interest. Compostable plastics for use not only in the healthcare industry are a game changer. Circular economies need to include waste that can biodegrade into soil and oxygen rather than reuse only.

 Smartphones are becoming more sophisticated every day, the rate at which they can capture health data allows for instant tracking and device diagnostics. This combined with virtual care via telehealth has changed how medical treatment is being delivered to the patient.

 We Test works with the tide of regulation and government policy to keep patients safe and improve healthcare. Australia needs to embrace innovation and work with commercial innovators like We Test.

 We Test is a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) eligible organisation, this assists companies with Department of Health grants from the Australian Government.