About We Test Online

Sophie Castleman and Professor David Gracey MBBS FRACP PhD FHEA founded We Test in 2016 with a mission to provide innovation around healthcare, especially in the home. The growth of telehealth and empowerment of patients has led to opportunities in the healthcare industry. Point of Care can also provide diagnostics outside of the labs and people can monitor their health at all times. 

Professor Gracey is a Senior Staff Specialist Renal and Renal Transplant Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney and a Clinical Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney. 

Sophie Castleman has a long background in business, she has a Bachelor of Arts (Law) from Sydney University and has completed Post Graduate studies at both New York University and Yale University in Medical Software. Sophie focusses on research & development, grant applications and regulatory affairs.

The company now represents many products and has sales partnerships thoughout Australasia.

We Test has a slate of R&D products being supported by the Australian Government along with commercial partners helping bring to life innovations in the healthcare industry. We Test is also now an Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) eligible organisation to assist companies with Department of Health grants from the Australian Government.

We Test has focussed on attaining manufacturing partnerships in The Republic of Korea. We Test is now working with several manufacturers and offering a wide range of products for registration in Australiasia.

We Test has registration experts working to include therapeutic products on the ARTG. 

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